Members of film fraternity returned their awards

award wapsi Citing rising intolerance and attacks on minorities and lower castes unleashed by Hindutva forces in India Over the past one month, disgruntled litterateurs, historians, scientists and filmmakers across the country have returned the prestigious awards to protest against Government.

Below is the list of the members of the film fraternity who returned their awards.

1. Arundhati Roy
2. Saeed Mirza
3. Kundan Shah
4. Virendra Saini
5. Ajay Raina
6. Ranjan Palit
7. Manoj Lobo
8. Tapan Bose
9. Sanjay Kak
10. Madhusree Dutta
11. Pradip Krishen
12. Shriprakash
13. Amitabha Chakravarty
14. Vivek Sachidanand
15. Ajay Raina
16. Satya Raj Nagpaul
17. P.M. Satheesh
18. Manoj Nitharwal
19. Tarun Bharitiya
20. Irene Dhar Malik
21. Sudheer Palsane
22. Anwar Jamal
23. Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti
24. Rafeeq Ellias

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